Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Medi Facials Singapore


Calm and soothe the skin to rejuvenate for a fresh and healthy glow

Acne Peel
When topical acne medications do not provide satisfactory results, a clearer, healthy-looking complexion may be achieved with a chemical peel for acne or acne scars.

Helps to reduce blackhead, white head and sebaceous plugs for a smoother and an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow.

TCA Chemical Peel
Useful for pigmentation irregularities, such as sun damaged skin and discoloration from pregnancy.

Carbon Laser Therapy
Beneficial for people with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin and acne on the face or body.

Diamond MicroDermabrasion
Effectively reduce or eliminate wrinkles, acne and age spots.