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Your Skin is A Priority

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body. it covers your whole body and makes up about 16 percent of your overall body mass. Your skin is approximately 2 millimeters thick.

The function of your skin is to:

✔ Protect your body from environmental stressors like germs, pollution, radiation from the sun

✔ Regulate your body temperature

✔ Receive sensory information

✔ Store water, fat, and vitamin D

As we age, collagen in our skin breaks down, which leads to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, and loosening increases.

Thermage FLX is suited for the following conditions:

✔ If you are a man or woman that wants to enhance your aesthetic appearance and overall looks

✔ An individual that is looking for a non-surgical or non-invasive skin tightening medical solution

✔ A personalised solution that targets signs of aging, fine lines, loose or saggy skin in the face or the body

✔ Wishes to have a lifted, attractive and contoured skin for a youthful appearance

✔ Wants to have a good long-lasting first impression

What Is Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX is an effective skin tightening aesthetic treatment in Singapore that combats skin elasticity loss to efficiently treat wrinkles, lines, and loose or saggy skin around the eyes, face, neck, and body area. Developed from Thermage treatment, it is a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) to induce skin tightness. Further studies had brought improvements to the treatment up to this day.

Thermage® FLX Skin Tightening Procedures utilize the patented Mono-polar Capacitive Radiofrequency (RF) technology to deliver heat safely and uniformly into the skin layers and renew the collagen, resulting in immediate skin tightening and a well-defined three-dimensional skin contour.

Addresses Ageing Concerns and Enhances The Face, Skin & Body

Ever since 2002, Thermage FLX treatment has been around to provide non-surgical skin tightening solutions. Through time this procedure was able to enhance its technology to provide wider solutions for targeting the outer skin layers. Using a unique patented monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology with a 4.0 cm tip rather than the 3.0 cm tip of previous versions, it can cover more areas at once which makes the procedure shorter.

It stimulates collagen and uses deep RF radiofrequency to treat the skin from the outside into the inside. With just 1 session, results can be visible showing off a youthful appearance. Over the next 6 months after the treatment, the collagen will continue to rebuild and enhance the quality of the skin.

Why Choose Thermage™ FLX ?

Thermage™ FLX has been around since 2002 and is widely regarded as a gold-standard medical device for non-surgical skin tightening – while other treatment fads may have come and gone, Thermage is a proven technology that have stood the test of time.

Powerful Anti-aging Technology the gives lasting collagen stimulation, Thermage uses deep RF radio frequency to treat the skin from the outside in.

Thermage™ FLX is ideal for targeting the outer skin layers to stimulate collagen production, and treatment of bony areas with “thin skin” – eyes, forehead

The new Thermage™ FLX can achieve visibly tightened skin within a session, shedding years off your appearance

Collagen Rebuilding process and improvement in skin quality will continue over the next 6 months

How Does Thermage FLX Work?

Thermage FLX features an optimized energy delivery algorithm, known as AccuREP™ technology, which automatically measures and precisely tunes the amount of radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered to the patient and treatment area. The precision of this iteration is better as compared to previous Thermage treatments. 

The system also features a vibrating handpiece to help enhance patient comfort and a new, larger treatment tip that reduces treatment time by 25%. Since prolonged treatment is among the concerns typically raised from the previous versions, a larger treatment tip that produces more heat and energy is introduced, allowing for faster treatment and greater client comfort. 

When Can You Start Your Thermage FLX Journey?

To start your Thermage FLX journey, you may book a personalised consultation with our medical director, Dr Zhang Yijun. Upon consultation, Dr Zhang will assess your skin condition, understand the current concerns, challenges, needs and beauty goals. He will advise you accordingly and walk you through the process of Thermage FLX aesthetic treatment.


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Frequently Ask Questions

Since Thermage FLX is a non-invasive procedure, it has a level of safety for a wider age range as compared to surgical treatments. Both men and women between the ages of 30 and 60 are qualified for this treatment.

Thermage FLX is a non-invasive facial treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) to induce skin tightness. This minimizes wrinkles and fine lines caused by the loosening of the skin tissues as people age.

The typical effect of Thermage treatment is the tightness of the skin on one’s face. As a minimal side effect, one might also experience numbness or tingling but it should subside after a few days.

Aftercare is not often an issue after a Thermage FLX treatment. Unless there are prescriptions and advice from your doctor, you can do your usual routine before and after the procedure.

Thermage FLX should not be painful. Since the procedure’s duration had considerably shortened, there should be no discomfort while being treated.

Thermage FLX can be done in a specific part of the face, the side of the eyes for instance, or the entire facial skin. The procedure can take about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the area that will be treated.