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10 Feb 2020

Laser Skin Treatment: Is It Safe?

For someone who does not wish to go under the knife, laser skin treatments are a boon.


05 Feb 2020

Cryolipolysis: The Key to An Exercise & Diet-Resistant Body

As the story goes, the celebrity-approved aesthetic treatment cryolipolysis was invented almost accidentally.


07 Jan 2020

5 Mistakes Every First-Time Patient Should Avoid

More often than not, patients opt for low-cost procedures and end up paying a higher price: botched thread lift, burnt skin, and bad nose augmentation to name a few.


06 Jan 2020

Aesthetic Treatments: 5 Trends to Look Forward to This 2020

The past decade has been defined by Instagram filtres, photo-editing apps, and a constantly increasing desire for selfie-ready skin that match those effects in real life.


07 Nov 2019

Nose Fillers: Things to Consider Before Getting a Nose Augmentation

In this article, find out more about nose fillers—from how it works, who qualifies as a candidate, and the potential risks involved.


05 Nov 2019

8 Nose Augmentation Myths Explained

A few years ago, if you wanted a smaller, straighter, and more desirable nose, you only have two options: learn to love what you have or get a surgical rhinoplasty.


04 Oct 2019

Facial Treatment: Dos and Don’ts After Getting a Facial

Facial treatments can make your skin looking and feeling its best.


02 Oct 2019

Fat Freezing: Does It Really Work?

In a world where people are constantly on the lookout for new weight-loss diet programs, exercises, and methods to cut some fat, it makes sense why there is a great demand for fat freezing.


06 Sep 2019

Basic Guide to Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatments

The pursuit for a perfectly contoured body has led to the rise in demand for cosmetic surgery in the past decade.


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