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Helmed by Dr Zhang Yijun, Shiro Aesthetic Clinic is set in the elegant ambience of Mandarin Gallery Orchard poised as an all-encompassing aesthetic haven for Singapore’s go-getter millennials.

At Shiro, we live and breathe skin vitality and empathise with our clients to achieve beautiful glowing skin from head to toe for a young-looking you with treatments paramount for results, namely AirJet, Rejuran Healer, HIFU Toning, HydroPeel, and more.

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Dr Zhang Yijun Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Shiro Aesthetic Treatments

At Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, we believe that great skin and a great silhouette gives one all the confidence needed to get through everyday tasks. Hence, we offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments in Singapore to all male and female clients with skin, hair and body aesthetic concerns.

Our aesthetic clinic in Singapore consists of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Achieve your desired results and boost your overall confidence with our clinically approved aesthetic treatments.

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The Face is the first point of impression and we intend to help you make a positive impression. Achieve a balanced side profile facial structure through our non-surgical chin fillers, nose thread lift, and face thread lift facial enhancements. Our non-invasive aesthetic approach is natural looking results accomplished in elegant nuances that seem you were born this way with our signature HIFU Toning for a V-lift or facial contouring or eyebag removal.

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There is no denying we are conscious of our silhouette and dismally, the wardrobe is dictated by the stubborn fats that are resistant to dieting and exercise. Let Shiro help you achieve the body of your dreams with non-invasive fat reducing treatments that can be curated for noticeable positive results with body contouring HIFU Shape, fat freezing Cryolipolysis or multi-polar radio frequency Venus Legacy.

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Skin is your barrier against all elements you are exposed to on a daily basis which hastens the ageing process along with the years gone by. Shiro empathises with each client to restore, rejuvenate and revitalise the skin to a beautiful and glowing complexion. We can help tighten and improve ageing skin with a botox or thermage fix treatment. Our signature AirJet for acne scar removal, Rejuran Healer to reverse ageing signs to maintain the skin vitality with our star HydroPeel medi-facial.

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Loss of hair can be quite an embarrassment and a mental impact to the esteem as well. 10 years into reversing hair loss, Shiro can help you reactivate your follicles for regrowth with an appropriate advice from a variety of medically effective treatments:
Autologous micro-grafting with Regenera Activa, Low Level Laser Therapy Theradome and oral supplements after a consultation that includes hair scan, diagnosis and analysis report.

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Good Aesthetics are Made by Appointment

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore adopts a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. We are a skin aesthetics and hair loss clinic in Singapore committed to help our clients achieve their beauty and skincare goals. Our extensive experiences combined with our philosophy of cultivating positive habits in every client ensures that we deliver a high standard of care to obtain desirable results.

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