Aqua Luxe (Hydro Peel) - Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Aqua Luxe (Hydropeel)

Aqua Luxe indulges the skin in a luxurious deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and an anti-oxidant treat all within one treatment. Utilising soothing micro-electric pulses, this clinical facial delivers a potent mix of multi-functional, nourishing serums deep into the skin layer to give that silky smooth ultra clean feel.

Wonder Lift (HIFU) - Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Wonder Lift (HIFU)

Wonder Lift, powered by High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), provides an extraordinary lifting effect for the skin while tightening up sagging and droop. All these and more- without even going under the knife.

Cosmic Contour - Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Cosmic Contour (Legacy)

A non-surgical alternative for skin tightening and body contouring, it is the first of its kind to harness a 4D technology. A combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, Vari-Pulse and RealTime Thermal Feedback ensures a safe and reliable aesthetic procedure delivering instantaneous results.



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